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How long have you been manufacturing inflatables?

We have been manufacturing inflatables since 1996 although Jeff Lieberman, the founder of Giant Inflatables, has been involved in marketing and 3D signage since 1985.

Why should I invest in an advertising inflatable or Giant balloon?

Inflatable advertising and helium balloon advertising are not new concepts, they have been around for many years. The fact that they are still around is testament to their versatility and attractiveness as an advertising and marketing medium. The Giant size alone is enough to attract attention to you or your product, increase public awareness and the most important requirement in any ad campaign, increase profits!

How do I get my product or idea made into an inflatable?

Just email us or fax us your idea, a drawing or a logo and tell us which product you are interested in. We will do the the rest, starting off with a short brainstorming session with you to determine the best marketing route and thereafter we will then email you an initial design incorporating your logo.

How long does it take for you to manufacture my inflatable?

We can offer you a standard design within 5 work days. A complex custom design can take up to four weeks.

What material do you use on the blower inflatables?

We use specially manufactured PVC reinforced polyester, manufactured to our specific requirements.

Is inflatable advertising a good investment?

Yes. If used consistently and correctly, it will pay your investment back many times over! Just think,that for the price of a one day newspaper ad you can invest in your own outdoor advertising inflatable.

How long will my inflatable last?

If looked after your inflatable will last many years. The PVC fabric is extremely durable and has excellent UV resistant properties. Do not pack your inflatable up wet as this can cause mildew and discoloring of the PVC. Always dry your inflatable in the sun before storing.

What power source do I need to power the fan?

You will need a 220v power outlet.

Do the inflatables come complete with blower fans?

Yes we supply all our inflatables complete with Blower fans specially suited to the type of inflatable.

What’s the difference between a blimp and an inflatable?

A blimp is filled with helium gas and it flies whereas an advertising inflatable is constantly powered by an electric fan to maintain internal pressure.

What benefits does the new Smarty Balloon offer?

The Smarty Balloon is unique in the way it moves and dances around the sky, you can not miss it! It is smaller than a blimp, so it uses less helium. The Smarty is best when flying at less than 10m, but can also be flown higher up. Best of all, the Smarty loves turbulent Highveld winds and uses much less Helium gas!

Why is the Smarty Balloon so unique ?

The Smarty is unique due to its shape that allows the balloon to weather cock its narrow side, or leading edge in to the wind gusts. When the gust of wind dies down the Smarty turns its face in to wind. This action causes constant movement and it appears as if the Smarty has a mind of its own making it the best attention getter since Marilyn Monroe!

How does a Giant balloon fly?

Blimps and Giant balloons are filled with Helium gas. The gas is lighter than air and this causes the blimp to fly. Helium gas is obtainable from Afrox or other gas suppliers or welding supply shops.

Do you supply the rope for the blimps?

Yes we supply the blimp with a 45m long tether line and a 45m back up line complete with bunting flags in your choice of colours.

How difficult is it to set up a blimp or Giant balloon?

It is not difficult if you follow our easy to use set up instructions. Remember to ensure that there is nothing overhead like power lines, big trees, tall buildings mega thunder storms or a southeaster nearby. Smaller inflatables or the Smarty balloon are easier to manage in strong winds.

Does weather affect the flying of a balloon?

Yes. Just like the space shuttle does not launch in poor weather, neither should you launch your blimp near thunder storms or in very strong winds. Even if you only fly your blimp when the weather is good you will get many profitable days out of your investment – Keep it safe with a docking bay.

How strong is a blimp?

Blimps have strength relative to the amount of pressure they can cope with. We offer a 24 month seam to seam guarantee! They are not strong enough to withstand hitting sharp objects like barbed wire or dry tree branches. We do offer repair kits that you can use to fix small tears.

How much helium do blimps use?

Our 5,3m blimp uses one bottle of Party Gas No:4 to fill. Our new Dancing Balloons use less than half a bottle of helium. We have full specs on all flying balloons at your request.

Can a blimp fly 24 hours a day?

A blimp will stay inflated with helium for at least 5 days, although it is best to top the blimp up daily due to the tiny helium molecules escaping from the balloon. Remember that blimps and balloons are subject to strong wind turbulence ( just like any air craft ) and cannot fly in thunderstorms, so if you leave it up at night make sure you know what the weather is doing or that someone is with the blimp to take it down before the storm.

How often must the blimp be topped up with helium?

Our fabrics and blimp bladders are specially designed to house helium gas but due to the nature of the helium molecule the bladder will release some helium over time. When filling the blimp do not overpressure the blimp as this will cause excessive helium loss. If the blimp is slightly soft when fully expanded then helium loss will be less. You can count on using one bottle of Party Gas No.4 ( 1,5kg of helium ) per month on our 5,3m blimp.

What is an airtight inflatable?

An airtight inflatable does not require a constant air blower and can be inflated and then will remain inflated. They are used mostly for small product replica packs.

Can you make any shape of flying balloon?

Flying balloons need to be aerodynamic to fly in wind over 10KMPH. Shaped balloons get blown about by the wind and are much harder to manage than aerodynamic balloons or blimps. Shaped flying balloons are best for low level flying in parades or at sports events.

What guarantee do you offer on blimps and inflatables?

We offer a seam to seam guarantee of 24 months on balloons and inflatables. Sign Dancers only carry a blower guarantee due to the air-blasted nature of the dancing top. Replacement tops are very economical.

Do you supply the inflatable with any accessories?

Yes. All our inflatables include the required fittings, storage bags, hammer etc.

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